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Sales automation consultants help companies leverage sales automation to improve lead management, increase sales productivity, and boost follow-up sales efforts. Companies that work with sales automation specialists close more sales and grow their revenue.
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What Do Sales Automation Consultants Do?

Sales automation consultants introduce sales automation insights and solutions to a company’s sales processes. They manage the full spectrum of activities related to developing, testing, and rolling out sales automation. Also, they work closely with sales teams to on-board sales personnel and provide training on how to use sales automation tools to enhance sales productivity.

Sales automation specialists are also responsible for creating monitoring, tracking, and analytics tools for sales automation. Through these tools, they ensure a company has visibility of how its sales automation efforts are performing and whether any changes are merited. Moreover, sales automation consultants use their in-depth IT and software knowledge to source, analyze, test, and deploy sales automation technology, an essential activity in a market saturated with dozens of sales automation solutions.

Practical Use Cases

Most In-Demand Services of Sales Automation Consultants

Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
Process Automation
Boost the performance of your sales department by automating repetitive tasks involved in your company's sales funnel.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
Sales Process Acceleration
Retain high accuracy and personalized interactions while accelerating your sales process through automation.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
CRM Software Implementation
Use simple and interactive CRM platforms to boost your sales generation and automate customer interactions.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
Chatbot Implementation
Discover potential leads and consumer guidance that chatbot implementation can reward your business with.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
SFA Tools
Improve previously analog sales processes by automating sales data collection with SFA (sales force automation) technology.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
Data-Driven Sales
Implement comprehensive technology to collect and effectively use user data towards digital sales generation.

Why Hire Sales Automation Consultants?

Leading companies hire sales automation consultants to create a competitive edge over rivals through better, faster, and more effective sales processes. Hiring a sales automation specialist allows a company to supercharge sales activities like prospecting, lead enrichment, deal creation, demo scheduling, and proposals. Working with a sales automation specialist, companies shift from inefficient sales practices that entirely depend on sales reps to automated sales processes that rely on salesforce and CRM software.

Sales automation consultants introduce crucial capabilities in the following areas:

Enhance Sales Forecasting

Sales automation consultants help companies better forecast sales through automated sales processes. Using well-implemented sales automation tools, they introduce useful sales forecasting capabilities that capture details like new leads and opportunities, repeat customers, deals approaching end-of-contract, and pipeline status. With visibility on all sales components, they help companies understand how their sales efforts are working, what can be improved, and what can be done to generate more accurate sales forecasts.

Generate Accurate Sales Metrics

Sales automation specialists help companies generate more accurate sales metrics through sales process automation. By automating processes like neglected leads, activity reports, campaign performance, and sales leaderboards, they help companies track and analyze granular details about their sales processes. By introducing more accurate sales metrics, sales automation specialists help companies reduce resource wastage, sales pipeline leaks, and missed opportunities due to poorly generated and tracked sales reports.

Improve Lead Management

Sales automation specialists help companies improve lead management, a crucial aspect of the sales process. Without sales automation, companies struggle to maintain accurate records of leads, regularly update lead statuses, and nurture leads based on the latest data. By helping companies implement sales automation solutions, sales automation specialists help bridge this gap and empower sales teams to be more proactive in lead management. As a result of working with a sales automation specialist, companies generate more leads at the top of the funnel, automatically nurture them to the bottom of the funnel, and close more deals.

Increase Sales Productivity

Without sales automation, sales teams struggle with juggling all the moving parts of the sales process, which curtails productivity. By bringing in sales automation experts, a company can help increase day-to-day sales team productivity by automating away repetitive tasks like updating leads, responding to pre-qualification leads, filtering out unqualified leads, scheduling sales calls, and tracking sales details. Having a sales automation specialist on hand can introduce productivity gains that help sales teams close more deals with less effort per transaction.

Hiring Sales Automation Consultants through Consultport is Simple

Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
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of Our Experts
A Consultport manager will work with you to understand your business and project needs.
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
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We’ll propose handpicked Sales Automation Consultants for your project. Our average time to match can be as fast as 48 hours.
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Sales Automation Consultants, Sales Automation Consultants
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1. What makes Consultport Sales Automation Consultants different?

Consultport takes pride in the detailed screening process that enables us to match you with candidates of the highest caliber. Our expert pool is chosen based on experience, personal interviews, and references. What does this mean for you? Handpicked consultants with thorough know-how for your needs.

2. Is hiring Sales Automation Consultants through Consultport in less than 48 hours possible?

In most cases, we can propose a potential candidate within a few working days. It depends on the complexity of the request and the time availability of the consultants. We are always committed to providing you with suitable candidates as fast as possible.

3. What does the “no-risk, pay only if satisfied” mean when I search for Consultport Sales Automation Consultants?

We are always fully committed to providing you with the highest service. Therefore, when you need Sales Automation Consultants, we offer you the request, search, and proposal stages completely free of charge. Every consultant has a different rate, which we communicate to you, with no strings attached.
Sales Automation Consultants are in High Demand

Tips on How to Hire Sales Automation Consultants

When selecting from a pool of sales automation consultants, consider individuals that match specific project requirements like industry, sales processes, size of sales teams, deal lifecycle, and current state of sales automation. As a significant part of sales automation involves working with current sales teams, the sales automation specialist picked must have a good understanding of how various automation options will impact existing sales structures, including team morale and buy-in. As such, it is necessary to undertake a thorough review of capabilities and traits before settling on a final pick.

In your sales automation consultants’ panel, consider filtering your options based on the specific skills and capabilities outlined below:

In-Depth Understanding of Sales Automation Technologies

The best sales automation specialists help bring deep insights into current sales automation technologies like AI chatbots, predictive sales analytics, and smart CRMs. They understand how such technologies work and, more importantly, how they can work in your company. Through this extensive knowledge, they help companies invest in the right technologies that can enhance sales productivity without overly burdening sales teams. By working with a well-versed sales automation specialist, your company can leverage these and other cutting-edge sales automation technologies without getting caught up in me-too technology acquisitions.

Track Record of Successfully Implementing Sales Automation Solutions

Hiring sales automation consultants with a well-established record of accomplishment holds the most promise to achieving exceptional sales automation results. During the evaluation process, consider what sales automation projects they have completed, the extent of the role they played, what technologies they implemented, and how successful the project was. The best sales automation experts not only have a successful record of accomplishment but also bring substantial knowledge and experience from the projects they have completed.

Innovative Thinking

Sales automation is rarely as simple as buying technology and plugging it in. The best sales automation specialists understand this and apply innovative thinking to every automation project they undertake. By using this kind of thinking, they approach sales automation projects with a fresh perspective that considers issues like sales team configuration, sales processes, corporate culture, privacy concerns, and technology sustainability. With these insights, they help a company invest in progressive and innovative automation systems while sidestepping unnecessary bloatware.

Project Management Skills

The best sales automation consultants bring good project management skills, including leadership, organization, risk management, budget planning, technical writing, research, and problem-solving. They leverage these skills to initiate, design, plan, execute, monitor, and complete sales automation projects. They also use their project management skills to balance resources and stakeholder expectations and ensure appropriate setting and achievement of milestones and KPIs.

Communication and Negotiating Skills

Sales automation projects require timely communications and extensive negotiations with stakeholders, vendors, and sales team leaders. The best sales automation experts bring their founded communication and negotiating skills to bear in such situations by communicating project requirements to company leadership, cascade decisions to relevant parties, and ensuring project visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Concomitantly, they use their profound negotiating skills to broker favorable terms with technology vendors, secure buy-in from sales teams, and guarantee management support for the project.

Knowledge Transfer and Training Skills

Underutilization is one of the biggest challenges that companies face with sales automation. Experienced sales automation consultants understand this and have cultivated substantial knowledge transfer and training skills. Through these skills, they ensure all sales personnel are adequately trained and on-boarded, so they fully utilize the new sales automation tools. Moreover, sales automation specialists work closely with sales team leads to identify skill gaps and possible role conflicts and implement strategies and processes that help overcome these and similar issues related to implementing a sales automation solution.