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Strasbourg - Diplomatic Center of the European Union

Strasbourg is the capital city of the Grand Est region in north-eastern France. Located near the German border, it is home to the European Parliament, Eurocorps, and European Ombudsman. Strasbourg's culture is a mixture of Germany and France. The city has a strong diplomatic center with 46 embassies and 30 consulates.

Strasbourg is a non-state city that uniquely hosts international organizations. It is one of the four European Union capitals together with Luxembourg, Brussels and Frankfurt. The city is home for non-European international institutions including the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine and the International Institute of Human Rights. The presence of all these supports business growth and sustainability. Consultants are available to offer business advisory services that uphold growth and continuity.

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Strasbourg is strategically located between two countries (France and Germany). Its position as the second-largest city on the Rhine river with a port enhances the exchange of goods and services across Europe. The city provides an access point for international trade. In 1923, the French State entered into an agreement with the City of Strasbourg to establish the public administrative Port of Strasbourg. The efficient transportation system enables the city’s booming business activities within and also across borders. This has played a major role in enhancing competitiveness, enabling logistics, and an easy flow of goods and services. Strasbourg’s economy rotates around manufacturing, engineering, and transportation. Its position as a seat for more than twenty international institutions encourages European prosperity. The city offers world-class international services with over 1,000 international companies.

International Organizations: Strasbourg plays a notable role in the European Union and holds twenty international organizations. It is a seat to major administrative offices including the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and others. For close to a century now, Strasbourg has strategically held 75 major foreign diplomatic representations and consulates. Linked to New York City and Geneva, Strasbourg is honored to hold the Capital of Europe title. The presence of international institutions has helped to groom high level industry experts to handle and sustain administrative and business activities. There are consultants in Strasbourg that can handle service efficiency in the digital space, project management, and customer service.

Transportation in Strasbourg: The port of Strasbourg is the backbone of merchandise and human mobility. Connecting France, Germany, and the international world, Strasbourg’s port is the second largest, both on the Rhine river, and in France. Alongside water transport, the city is a hub of rail and road transport too. Linking with TGV networks has helped to improve mobility and connectivity. The frequent train service and a local airport serve major local and international destinations across Europe and North Africa. The ease of mobility connecting Strasbourg to the rest of the world is important to sustain the EU administrative processes, as well as business growth.

Manufacturing and Engineering in Strasbourg: The manufacturing sector in Strasbourg is operating in the areas of consumer goods, automotive, transportation equipment, industrial manufacturing, electronics, foods and beverages, medical devices, and others. Strasbourg is home to international brand names like BMW, Unilever, Siemens and Steelcase. High-end business management consultants have supported growth in strategy, digital transformation, and operations. You can hire a consultant in Strasbourg to handle your manufacturing efficiency, project management, lean manufacturing, and other business sustainability requirements.

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