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Leipzig - Center for Manufacturing Tools and Techniques, Medical Research and Biotechnology

With its slogan ‘strengthen the strengths’, the city administration supports the health industry, biotechnology logistics, services, and medical research, among others. Leipzig offers first-rate infrastructure for the development of industries and support for research and development.

The city supports greater innovation, international economic collaboration, and great competitiveness. It also upholds international partnership with companies and universities.

Leipzig is strategically located in close proximity to the Germany capital Berlin, has a strong network of technological innovation and ranks as the fastest-growing city in Germany. The primarily young and educated population continuously supplies great talent that supports research and development as well as innovation.

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Leipzig offers some of the best talents, when it comes to consultants and digital experts

Leipzig’s Office for Economic Development designs the city’s economic policy that operates under a cluster system. The business development cluster promotes collaboration between companies and universities, offers competitiveness, supports international trade, promotes innovation, and boosts development of skilled labor. Universities and research clusters support research excellence, improved facilities, and promotes collaboration of technological transfer between research and industry. The public has benefited from high education standards, career opportunities, jobs, improved income, and high standards of living.

Manufacturing in Leipzig: The city offers a favorable environment that supports efficiency, innovativeness, and digital manufacturing. Since the onset of industrialization, Leipzig has evolved from traditional manufacturing to advanced technologies. It takes pride in mechanical, vehicle engineering, and publishing. The region is a center for innovative manufacturing tools and techniques. The advancement in manufacturing technologies from digital manufacturing to robotic automation and cybersecurity led to improved productivity and efficiency. This puts Leipzig on a competitive edge. There is an ever-growing supply of great talent that provides consultancy services. You can hire a consultant in Leipzig to assist with sustainable solutions in lean manufacturing, process standardization, and asset optimization. There are consultants in Leipzig with profound industry expertise in workflow automation, robotic process automation, and others.

Biotechnology: Leipzig offers a fertile ground for biotechnology, medical technology, bioinformatics, and pharmaceuticals. The University of Leipzig continuously aids the development of great talent in human, and veterinary medicine disciplines. This has sustained extensive research in Biotechnology and Biomedicine carried out at BIOCITY LEIPZIG and the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI). The city upholds innovativeness that creates favorable opportunities for advancement. You can hire a consultant to help with emerging technologies, performance improvement, and others.

Medical Research: Leipzig takes pride in holding the most diverse and dynamic life sciences clusters in Germany and Central Europe and is home for innovative research. Notable science and bio-research institutions include the German Center for Integrative Research (iDiv) and others. Leipzig manages its economic and research activities in clusters. Since 2000, Leipzig has focused its life sciences on applied medical research and marketable healthcare innovation. Rapid developments in new therapies, devices, and solutions have been introduced in all levels of academic tiers. To fulfil this aim, the city administration has put up policies that support innovation, leading to growth in life sciences.

In order to uphold this tremendous growth, businesses hire consultants that support the productivity side of innovation and development. Consultants are available to sort out the efficiency, technological advancement, as well as digitalization.