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Corporate finance covers a range of activities centred on the ownership structure and cash flows of a company. Its solutions provide a big picture framework that shapes how all business operations are run. Therefore, strong corporate finance strategies are designed in concert with general corporate strategy and the company’s operating model.

Corporate finance consulting can be broken down into two broad categories: general financing issues and specialty issues.

The first category covers common corporate finance issues, such as raising capital, refinancing corporate debt and financial strategy formation. Companies will regularly deal with these types of financial issues. However, these general corporate finance issues are so important that many companies choose to bring external consultants on board to ensure successful solutions.

The second category covers financial issues that companies will rarely face during their lifespan. These are highly specific and technical financial issues, such as management buyouts and mergers and acquisitions. In these circumstances, companies rely on specialist consultants that can guide them through financial issues that they have little experience with.

Consultport consultants are available to help you navigate through any financial issues that your company is facing.

  • Raising Capital: 

    The sourcing of additional capital to fund current operations and future growth can be one major focus area of of the corporate finance efforts. Companies must decide on the optimal balance of debt and equity, as well as choose between a massive range of available sources of funding from both categories. The sources of capital that fund your company will have a significant impact on the shape of its operations far into the future, so an experienced corporate finance consultant is an essential part of your team when raising fresh capital.

  • Management Buyout:

    A management buyout is a complex transaction where the current management of a company relies on private funds and a variety of outside sources of capital to buy the company from the current owners. This is a complicated process that requires experienced corporate finance consultants advising both sides of the deal. In addition, there is a broad range of approaches to a management buyout, which further increases the benefits of having a consultant that is directly experienced with the process advising your side of the deal.

  • Refinancing Corporate Debt:

    Debt has always made up a major share of corporate financing, and this has only increased as interest rates have continued to fall across the globe. The availability of different sources of debt refinancing in contemporary capital markets is staggering, and it takes someone with specialist knowledge and experience to foresee the best sources of debt refinancing for your company’s unique needs.

  • Joint Venture Funding:

    In an increasingly interconnected world, many companies are finding some of the best sources of funding from outside partnerships focused on one or more individual ventures. Joint ventures with third party stakeholders, competitors or private equity firms provide a source of funding that is often far more optimal than going to capital markets to fund the entire burden of a project alone. These relationships and the associated negotiations can be challenging and complex, and are far more likely to be successful with an experienced corporate finance consultant at the helm.


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corporate finance, Corporate Finance
corporate finance, Corporate Finance

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