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Supply Chain Management

It is a set of practices aimed at enhancing the agility and robustness of a company’s production networks. Over the last few decades supply chains have become increasingly complex and fluid, as globalisation and customer fragmentation have dramatically increased the diversity of the demand that companies must respond to in an effort to remain competitive.

Not long ago supply chain management simply involved the effort to increase the efficiency of a rigid system for the production and delivery of a small range of standardised goods. Globalisation and increased consumer standards have irrevocably transformed the demands placed on supply chain management.

Supply chains now need to service a market that is constantly fluctuating and using far more interconnections involving more diverse and specialised producers, transporters, warehousers and retail suppliers.

To compensate for these changes, modern supply chains need to develop flexible demand responsiveness, smart resource deployment and an internal resilience to rapidly changing production networks.

Consultport supply chain management consultants have the knowledge and the tools to help your company navigate this complex global marketplace.

  • Risk Analysis: 

    A supply chain management consultant will often start with a risk analysis of your current arrangements. This will provide your company with an actionable framework for targeting the parts of your network that require alternate arrangements or added layers of protection from failure. A detailed analysis of your company’s supply chain provides a comprehensive top-down view of your most vulnerable points and direct solutions to control these risks.

  • Supply Chain optimization and Strategic Alignment:

    Your company’s supply chain should be directly aligned with long term corporate strategy. As your company continually evolves toward its long term goals, its supply chain needs to be ready to react to the resulting changes preemptively. By being able to forecast upcoming changes, your supply chain can stay in a constant state of organisational optimization, as opposed to always providing ad-hoc reactions to problems as they arise.

  • Technology Analysis:

    New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, are rapidly transforming supply chain management by opening new worlds of organisational structures, management procedures and inventory oversight. A supply chain management consultant can identify and implement the optimal set of technologies for your company’s unique needs and corporate strategy goals.

  • Market Intelligence:

    Most supply chain realignments are ultimately caused by rapidly evolving consumer demand. Market intelligence provides your company with a deep understanding of those demand factors affecting relevant supply chains, and allows you to develop accurate forecasts of coming changes and their direct impact on your company’s supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Dashboard:

    A supply chain management consultant can create a unique dashboard for your company that presents all relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) in a comprehensive and intuitive interface. A supply chain dashboard offers an unprecedented view of your company’s existing supply chain, allowing you to make optimal decisions in a high-information environment.


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supply chain management, Supply Chain Management
supply chain management, Supply Chain Management

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