Process Digitization

Process digitization involves leveraging digital technologies to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of existing business processes. Proper process digitization reinvents the target business process using digital technologies as a tool, as opposed to simply recreating the original business process with the addition of some superficial digital features.

The focus of digitization efforts should be on looking at your company with a fresh perspective in terms of process efficiency and customer experience, with the available digital technologies merely acting as a toolbox and inspiration for achieving these larger revolutionary goals.

Process digitization that makes full use of every relevant digital technology to provide tailor-made enhancements to existing business processes can achieve staggering outcomes that were unimaginable only a decade ago.

Loans and applications approved in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Access to raw and unfiltered daily customer experience data. Products delivered to your customer’s door in less than a day.

Having a specialist Consultport consultant at the helm of your process digitization means that you can capture the full potential of this revolution in business.

  • A Vision of the Future: 

    One of the most valuable inputs that a process digitization consultant can provide is a vision of what your business processes could look like using tailor-made digital solutions. Instead of simply adding digital features to your existing processes, they will show you what your processes could be after making the most of relevant digital technologies.

  • Redesign the Customer Experience:

    Many companies focus their process digitization efforts on efficiency gains in production and logistics, where the true full potential of digitization lies in revolutionizing the customer experience. Experienced digitization consultants can design a complete end-to-end digital customer experience that easily outperforms the competition in key areas, such as onboarding and retention.

  • Building Digital Talent:

    The effectiveness of digitization efforts relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of your talent pool. Digitization is an on-going effort that requires your employees to think digitally with both confidence and competence. From talent acquisition to team-building and digital training, a consultant can ensure that you have the resources available to maximize the benefits of the process digitization.

  • Organize for digitization:

    One of the most common failures in the digitization of a business process is lackluster adoption by existing sections of your company. While the digitization of a process may be agile and intuitive at the ground level, it fails to gain the necessary support from individuals higher up on the decision chain. A consultant can ensure that your company is organized in a way that will allow your digitized processes to shine.

  • Digitize Data Collection:

    Companies without adequate digital knowledge and experience will often digitize their data collection methods in ways that vastly underperform what is truly possible. Instead of using digital technology to merely improve the performance of existing back office data collection, a consultant will redesign this process for the digital age by taking as much of the data collection as possible directly to the customer.


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process digitization, Process Digitization
process digitization, Process Digitization

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