Business Plan Development

Your business plan is the vehicle that presents your ideas to the world. Whether it is for a brand new company or a new or improved product line, your business plan documents are a critical aspect of turning your vision into a reality. There are a range of modern business documents that fall under the traditional ‘business plan’ category. For example, pitch deck, business model canvas, financial forecast, elevator pitch and more.

The modern business world is full of potential ideas waiting for the attention of investors, partners and other potential stakeholders. People tasked with evaluating business plans and similar documents are generally forced to dismiss anything that is less than absolutely perfect. This is simply due to the sheer volume of offers that they deal with.

This is why the presentation of your ideas needs to be clear, engaging, persuasive and thorough to ensure that they are given the full consideration that they deserve.

Consultport consultants have a vast range of experience designing business plans that are on the right course for success.

  • Message Clarity and Focus:

    Modern business plans need to be laser-focused on the key messages that potential stakeholders want to hear, only then will they consider the rest of your plan in detail. Consultants will help you to refine your vision and business case to ensure that it is clear and flawless, and then use this messaging as the core that the rest of your business plan is founded upon.

  • Market Research:

    Many companies and entrepreneurs struggle with the market research section of their business plan. Projecting the size of a potential market and its competitive landscape is a skill that can only be learned through direct experience. Consultants with vast market experience can confirm the viability of your proposed products at a speed, cost and effectiveness that a non-professional cannot compete with.

  • Feasibility Study and SWOT Analysis:

    Some business plans require a comprehensive review and enhancement that only an experienced consultant can provide. They will examine your existing document or documents as a whole, and then perform a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis to provide you with holistic feedback on the fundamental feasibility of your current pitch.

  • Business Model Development:

    The business model in your plan needs to be of a high calibre to compete in today’s business environment. Potential stakeholders are looking for business plans with models that could start tomorrow if the proper funding and people were in place. This can be difficult when working with a theoretical document such as a business plan, but an experienced consultant can ensure that your document’s business model is flawless, comprehensive and ready for real-world application

  • Financial Planning:

    Potential stakeholders want to see documents that have a clear vision for the ownership structure and future financing of your proposed venture. These projections need to be designed for optimality and be realistic given current capital market conditions. There are consultants who specialise exclusively in financial planning, and they will create a plan that will assure even the most critical of potential stakeholders.


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Business Plan, Business Plan Development
Business Plan, Business Plan Development

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