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Marketing return on investment (ROI) analysis examines the additional income generated from advertising projects relative to their cost. Analysts use marketing ROI analysis to create effective advertising strategies based on tangible metrics of profitability. ROI analysis in general is a highly effective means for quickly and efficiently determining what works and what does not in highly complex and variable systems, of which marketing is a prime example.

Marketing departments are faced with a wide range of variable possibilities for their campaigns, so it can be extremely difficult to determine the best approach based purely on instinct.

Advertisers need to choose between different products to focus on, different regions to target, different mediums to use, different messages to promote and so on.

In circumstances like these, ROI analysis is an ideal method for quickly developing a set of quantifiable measurements that will create a high-information environment for marketing departments to operate in.

Consultport has a number of consultants ready to help your company navigate the complex waters of marketing ROI analysis and put your next marketing campaign on course for success.

  • Effective Messaging: Regardless of any other factors, a marketing campaign needs to have effective messaging that is aligned with your company’s brand and corporate strategy. Marketing ROI consultants will analyse the most effective messages for your brand and strategy, providing you with a foundation upon which to build future successful marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Campaign Design: Both the success and the cost of your marketing campaigns will depend on the tools that you employ. Approaches such as econometrics, consumer surveys and benchmarks all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on operational needs, available data and experience. A consultant will determine the best approach for your campaign and ensure that you are using the optimal tools in the best way possible.
  • Marketing ROI Technologies: With the growing dominance of digital marketing, new metrics have emerged to help quantify the ‘return’ from marketing campaign in non-monetary terms. Brand mentions, site traffic, consumer engagement and many more metrics exist that can better demonstrate the success or failure of a campaign than simply looking for increased revenue or margins. As markets continue to fragment and product life spans diminish, alternative metrics that capture the digital impact of your marketing campaigns will continue to grow in importance
  • Marketing Audit: Many marketing ROI consultants provide an auditing service that will create a comprehensive image of all your company’s advertising spending. These audits provide a high-information environment from which to cut costs, identify synergies and plan a marketing strategy that will optimally employ resources in future campaigns. Common marketing tasks such as procurement and agency employment can be refined across campaigns to reduce fees and improve performance.
  • Develop Sustainable ROI Capabilities: A marketing ROI consultant can work with management to develop the capabilities of your company to run future campaigns with lower costs and greater effectiveness. Consultants can develop operations and provide training in industry best practices to ensure that all future marketing campaigns are performed using high quality ROI analysis techniques.

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