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Project Management Office

It is a team within a company whose sole purpose is to oversee the development, deployment and evaluation of projects within the company, some division, or the different work streams of a consulting project. A project management office can take many forms and operate in a wide variety of organisational structures, but its focus is strictly on overseeing projects as individual entities.

The benefits of using a project management office to oversee projects are so significant that most large companies have now incorporated the practise into their organisational structure.By establishing a single system that all projects must pass through from start to finish, your company can cut costs, enhance effectiveness, make optimal use of talent and accumulate a comprehensive store of past project experience to help guide future project decisions and performance.

From helping your company chart a course toward a brand new project management office to enhancing your existing PMO practises, a Consultport consultant is available to ensure that your company’s projects are operating under an optimal management framework.

  • Building a Project Management Office: 

    Most companies establish one or more PMOs as their projects become too numerous and complex for them to be handled informally by individual project managers and C-suite oversight. A Consultport consultant will examine your company’s precise project management needs and develop a tailor-made PMO designed specifically for you.

  • Guiding Workflow:

    Even the most experienced PMOs occasionally find that they require the help of an outside consultant to guide the workflow across a current crop of projects to meet key strategic or operational goals. From prioritising projects and resources to optimally assigning tasks to the available talent pool, a consultant can help guide your PMO through a critical patch of decision-making.

  • Project Decision Frameworks:

    One of the most important benefits of a project management office is a standardized system for project decision-making and interacting with the PMO. A consultant can help your PMO to establish their operating protocols that will ensure maximum individual project performance and create the feedback that your PMO needs to be able to provide first-rate governance and guidance.

  • Systems for Problem Resolution:

    Most project management offices will face a similar set of problems when their projects are underperforming. Many consultants specialise in creating a framework for problem resolution that addresses the recurring issues that your company’s projects face. Instead of your PMO dealing with every problematic project from square one, a PMO with a framework for problem resolution is able to quickly deep-dive into the common problem areas and provide fast, effective solutions.

  • Enhance Your Project Framework:

    One of the main purposes of a project management office is to provide project managers with a standard template for how all projects should operate, from talent acquisition and budgeting to project evaluation and reporting. A consultant can help you to enhance your existing framework by examining your project performance and incorporating industry best practises established by other successful companies.


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Project Management Office, Project Management Office
Project Management Office, Project Management Office

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