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Investor relations is an umbrella term for a range of activities aimed at managing a company’s relationships with shareholders, the media, stock market analysts and other capital markets stakeholders. A company’s public image and relationships with its shareholders and various capital market stakeholders are critical to its ability to raise funds and maximize its share price.

Most public companies find that they require full time staff and outside consultants to manage the complexity and importance of their investor relations by the time they are considered medium-sized. The impact of investor relations on the success of the company is too important for it to be left as an informal task assigned to management as the need arises.

Being able to effectively present your company’s strategy, goals and key metrics in a clear, engaging and consistent dialogue with your investors and other stakeholders allows them to develop a strong positive impression of your company’s vision, integrity and management.

Let a Consultport consultant navigate you through the complex waters of investor relations for your company.

  • Corporate Messaging: 

    Effective corporate messaging allows your company to develop and maintain a consistent and targeted public image that helps to enhance your stakeholder relationships and general branding efforts. Investor relations consultants help your company to develop a targeted public image and ensure that all communications reinforce and enhance this image consistently.

  • Analyst and Media Outreach:

    Even in massive equity markets, such as the EU, America and Japan, the financial media and equity analyst communities remain comparatively small. That is why your company’s relationships with them needs to be managed by an investor relations professional. Investor relations consultants will maintain a positive dialogue with industry professionals that will ensure the best coverage possible for your company and its management.

  • Earnings Communications:

    Earnings announcements are a critical time for all public companies. One problematic earnings communication can undo years of positive investor relations in a matter of minutes. The stakes are so high that many public companies rely on outside investor relations consultants to guide their earnings communications efforts and ensure a flawless announcement every time.

  • Crisis Management:

    Many in-house investor relations divisions may be strong performers when managing traditional and routine tasks, but will be completely overwhelmed when faced with a serious company crisis. When mismanaged communications during a serious crisis can mean a crashing share price or even the end of your company, turning to an outside consultant with direct experience of crisis management is often the only responsible choice.

  • Image Management Training:

    A company’s management cannot rely solely on its investor relations professionals to manage the public image of the company. A company that can present professional and polished management communicators for investor and media events will be able to instill confidence within relevant stakeholders. An investor relations consultant can show your management how to maximize the potential benefits of these public appearances.


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investor relations, Investor Relations
investor relations, Investor Relations

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