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Corporate company building is a fresh, cutting-edge approach to creating new businesses that leverage the innovative strength of a serial startup company and the institutional resources of an established corporation operating in the relevant sector. Moreover, corporate company building offers the ideal blend of fast-paced startup culture with the established knowledge and resources of an experienced market player.

Most corporations are designed to leverage scale and hierarchical processes to compete in the market for existing products rather than constantly innovating new ones. However, the daily experience of operating in a market sector means that corporations are well-positioned to recognize the potential for new goods and services.

Corporate company building allows established market players to use this potential by forming a partnership with specialists whose focus lays on building successful startup companies in a quick and efficient way. Working hand-in-hand with the corporation, these specialists take the concept from the original ideation stage to a finished and marketable product using both their experiences as company builders and the resources provided by the parent corporation.

Consultport consultants with both sectoral and startup experience are available to help you chart a course towards a successful company building venture.

  • Develop an Ideal Portfolio: 

    A consultant can help your company to quickly and effectively separate the winners from the losers within the range of ideas resulting from your market experiences. They can then help you develop the winners into solid and actionable business propositions with clearly defined development strategies and market potentials.

  • Minimum Viable Product Development:

    Minimum viable product (MVP) development involves creating a prototype product that will appeal to early adopters in your ideal market segment. This will provide you with a source of direct market feedback as you test variations and features for your product in the effort to create something with broader market appeal.

  • Testing Market Fit:

    The best way to test if your hypothesized products have real market potential is to go out into the relevant sector and interact with potential customers. Using MVPs and expanding on customer feedback allows you to test the viability of hypothesized finished products using a data-driven approach. By directly testing within the target market, you are able to develop a finished product that meets the precise needs of the broader customer base.

  • Incubation:

    Incubation involves the establishment of a new talent and team structure in a company that will manage the long term development and sale of the product. A consultant will ensure that you have the right people in the right places to start selling your new product and oversee the development of an independently viable business.

  • Scaling:

    A consultant will ensure that your newly established business is prepared for rapid scaling in order to meet the demand for your new product. This final stage before a new business is finalised can be particularly challenging, and a consultant can provide your new team with the guidance and growth hacks necessary to successfully expanding into their newly created market segment.


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company building, Company Building

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