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Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is an advanced form of computer software that can mimic some aspects of more complex human thinking. Artificial intelligence software can learn from experience, solve difficult problems and offer novel insights, all at a speed and efficiency that far surpasses what a human mind is capable of.

While the potential for artificial intelligence to transform a huge range of modern business operations is widely recognized, the actual implementation of AI software by companies remains limited. This slow incorporation of artificial intelligence into modern business is due to the significant knowledge gap between business managers and AI specialists.

The result is a rapidly increasing demand for artificial intelligence consultants who can guide business managers through their AI adoption and implementation. From outlining a broad AI strategy to finding the right talent or working on the implementation of specific use case , bringing a Consultport consultant on board will ensure that your company is at the cutting-edge of AI implementation in your industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy:  A consultant can help your company to develop a broad strategy for the adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence that is appropriate for your company’s industry and competitive edge. Artificial intelligence should be an element of the long term vision for your company, and a consultant will ensure that this vision becomes reality.
  • Identifying and Implementing Artificial Intelligence Use Cases: Artificial intelligence has a number of proven and potential use cases that are appropriate for different industries and companies. An artificial intelligence consultant will develop the best use cases for your company’s unique needs and potential, and then oversee their effective implementation.
  • Customer Support Use Cases: Customer support is a popular use of artificial intelligence that is applicable for any industry with the need for a substantial amount of customer interaction. Artificial intelligence can connect a customer with information that they need quickly and efficiently, all at a fraction of the cost of human representatives.
  • Human Resources Use Cases: Human resources departments deal with large amounts of data, which makes them ideal for a variety of artificial intelligence use cases. From employee performance monitoring to sorting job applications, there are a number of proven use cases where artificial intelligence can increase efficiency and reduce costs in human resources operations.
  • Sales Use Cases: The best use of a company’s sales team is providing the human touch that helps to close deals and retain customers. However, sales always involve a large amount of drudge work that limit the amount of high value work your team can do. Artificial intelligence can help boost sales department’s performance by automating many of the repetitive tasks involved in your company’s sales funnel.
  • Finance Use Cases: The finance sector is one of the sectors that will benefit the most from the implementation of artificial intelligence. While AI can help finance companies streamline their big data processes, such as mortgage and loan applications, it can also be used for more specific use cases, such as the compliance of legal requirements and even automated trading programs that learn from past performances.

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