Market Entry Strategy

Market entry strategies are designed to tackle the various novel problems involved with the expansion into international markets, most of which domestic companies will have little knowledge of or experience with. In an increasingly globalised marketplace, market entry continues to be among the top issues that growing companies face.

Market entry consultants help companies with a wide variety of problems that they will face as they try to internationalize their business. While the nature of these problems tends to be the same, the exact details will be unique in every case, and only experienced consultants can ensure that these serious hurdles are overcome.

From mundane technical issues, such as regulatory requirements and logistics, to more complex and amorphous problems, such as cultural barriers and understanding foreign consumers, consultants can provide the guidance that your market entry project needs to ensure success.

There are numerous Consultport consultants available to help your company navigate the complex waters of international business.

  • Market Analysis: Foreign market analysis goes beyond the traditional domestic market analysis that most companies are accustomed to performing. Foreign markets contain a number of unknowns that companies simply take for granted when analysing domestic markets. Only a market entry consultant with deep knowledge of foreign markets can provide the accuracy and insight that you require.
  • International Readiness Analysis: Many failed efforts at internationalising a business start by analysing foreign markets for expansion before addressing their own readiness to enter international markets. From organisational issues to financing and talent availability, there are a number of key features that a company needs to address before they are prepared to tackle any form of international business.
  • Market Entry Feasibility: A market entry feasibility study will provide your company with a comprehensive analysis of its plan to enter one or more foreign markets. A feasibility study by an experienced consultant starting early in the process will offer an overview of overall viability, as well as alternate approaches and a detailed outline of basic requirements before the project goes forward. Market entry feasibility studies are ideal for companies that are just beginning to explore the possibility of internationalising their successful domestic business operations.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Once the decision to enter a foreign market has been made, the process needs to operate under a strict and thorough planned schedule to minimise any delays and avoidable costs. Market entry is a complex and fluid process prone to unforeseen developments. Therefore, your best chance at success occurs when you have an experienced consultant at the helm to design the strategy and to oversee its implementation.
  • Cross-Cultural Training and Talent Acquisition: While different markets and regulations may be a key driver of market entry problems, many of the most complex and persistent issues arise due to cultural barriers and misunderstandings. An experienced market entry consultant with on-the-ground knowledge of your target market can provide the necessary cultural information to your employees and hires the right local talent to help implement your operations in the target market.

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