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SCRUM Project Management

It is a framework used to guide work on complex, knowledge-based tasks. Scrum as a framework provides a system of principles for repeatedly evaluating a team’s progress and process over short time intervals so that the overarching workflow can be adapted as the understanding of the project deepens through experience.

Like other agile business philosophies, scrum project management is a significant boon to performance when practiced effectively, but most companies end up falling short in its implementation.

The cutting-edge development of products and processes often involves deep knowledge gaps, as the teams involved are implicitly operating in a low-information environment. The agility and adaptability of the scrum framework provide the perfect environment for developing new processes as a project develops and your team’s relevant knowledge base expands.

Failed scrum implementations follow two common patterns: failure to adapt worker culture and failure to properly employ empirical oversight and decision-making through the process.

When a Consultport consultant is part of your crew, they can provide the training and guidance necessary to steer your scrum project management toward success.

  • Training and Workshops: 

    Not only do your team members all need to understand the basic principles and operations of the scrum framework, but effective project management also requires that each cohort within your team understand their specific roles and responsibilities. From general introductory and advanced workshops to specific ScrumMaster and Product Owner certification courses, scrum consultants ensure that your team has the knowledge that it needs to do its job well.

  • Targeted Coaching:

    Both companies new to scrum project management and those with years of experience often find that they face specific implementation problems within certain projects. Even if they understand the principles of scrum, they are unable to effectively apply them in highly complex and unique circumstances. A scrum consultant can guide your team through unique problems with targeted coaching, and provide them with an enhanced understanding of applied scrum thinking that will help them to tackle similar problems in the future.

  • Scrum Project Design:

    Many companies need the help of a scrum consultant to guide them through the application of the principles to actual problems for a number of projects before the ideas become institutionalised. Bringing a scrum consultant on board for your first few implementations is a great way to ensure the success of your projects, the cultural acceptance of scrum principles and the enthusiastic adoption of scrum in practice.

  • Scrum Organisation Design:

    Companies are often so enthusiastic about the success of their initial scrum projects that they want to implement these principles throughout their organisation. While implementing scrum principles for a few small initial projects can be achieved by anyone with effort and commitment, reorganise an entire company along scrum principles represents a whole new challenge. A scrum consultant will have the knowledge and experience to guide your company through the process of implementing scrum teams throughout your operating model.


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