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Customer Journey Management

Customer journey management takes the direct perspective of customers as they interact with a company’s business operations. By developing this customer perspective, a company can better tailor its operations to ensure optimal outcomes for its customers from these interactions. From brand awareness to conversions and support, customer journey management is an essential part of ensuring that business operations are optimized.

It ensures that a company’s operations are optimized from the perspective of the people who matter the most: the consumer.

Customers have become increasingly discerning and the need to meet detailed and unique consumer demands has increased dramatically in the digital age. Therefore, competitive success now depends more than ever on being able to understand your customer’s expectations in detail and fully satisfy those demands.

Consultants use specialised customer journey mapping techniques to create a range of representative consumers in your markets, and then address key pain points and experience gaps in your company’s operations.

Bring a Consultport consultant on board so they can ensure that your customers are always getting the highest quality experience with your company.

  • Customer Journey Mapping: 

    Any effective customer journey management effort starts with detailed maps of your target consumers. These customer journey maps use historical transaction data and more recent demographic and psychographic data to create a number of iconic representations of your core consumer markets. Customer journey maps provide a high-information environment for future decision-making.

  • Identify Key Pain Points and Experience Gaps:

    Pain points and experience gaps are those places in the customer journey where your brand awareness, sales, conversions and other desirable consumer behaviors are falling through the cracks. Being able to effectively view your company’s operations from an outside perspective allows consultants to identify these key points of failure and develop appropriate remedies that suit each of your company’s main customer personas.

  • Prototype Customer Journey Maps:

    A deep understanding of customer journey management allows a consultant to develop prototype maps for products that are still in development. These prototype customer journey maps provide an unparalleled source of information for managing development, production, marketing, sales and support long before the product is ready for market.

  • Customer Journey Training:

    Being able to picture your company’s operations from a customer’s perspective does not come naturally to most employees. A consultant can ensure the appropriate knowledge, skills, processes and culture among your talent pool through a combination of workshops, training and direct coaching, allowing your company to provide effective customer journey management for all current and future products.

  • Balancing Customer and Business Needs:

    Customer desires and operational limitations are often in conflict. It takes a highly experienced and knowledgeable customer journey management consultant to untangle this web of conflicting interests and optimize the customer journey without placing burdensome demands on your business operations. Generally this balance involves the development of unique solutions that avoid the conflict of interest or the careful measurement of comparative costs and benefits using key performance indicators (KPI).


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customer journey, Customer Journey Management
customer journey, Customer Journey Management

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