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Company culture is the set of values and beliefs that shows how the people within a company think and behave. A positive company culture aligned with corporate strategy leads to the optimal performance of people and processes, with high rates of productivity and low rates of conflict. A negative and misaligned company culture will stifle productivity and communication, leading to high levels of conflict and recurring organizational problems.

Within tightly-knit organizations, such as a business, it is inevitable that a shared culture will emerge to dominate people’s behaviors. Therefore, it is critical that this company’s culture is developed in a way that optimizes organizational performance and ensures the highest possible quality of life for workers and management.

Most companies recognize the importance of company culture, but lack a cruical specialized understanding of nuanced mechanics. Efforts aimed at directing company culture are generally superficial because leaders lack a critical specialist understanding of the nuanced mechanics of cultural development and reinforcement.

Bringing a Consultport company culture consultant on board is the ideal method for ensuring that your crew is enjoying the greatest possible quality of life in an effective and productive company.

  • Cultural Analysis: An effective corporate culture needs to be a natural extension of how your employees think and feel. Therefore, it is critical that an analysis is performed to understand the existing state of your company culture. A company culture consultant will use a range of analytical tools, such as interviews, surveys and focus groups, to understand where your culture is now and where it can go with the right guidance.
  • Cultural Development and Strategic Alignment: A company culture needs to capture the positive ideals and beliefs of workers and channel them using clear, coherent and engaging messaging. Moreover, this cultural messaging needs to be aligned with the company’s overall corporate strategy so that it can guide worker sentiment down productive paths. Developing this explicit company culture and aligning it to your corporate strategy is one of the key functions of a company culture consultant.
  • Identifying and Promoting Positive Behaviors: An effective company culture requires more than just words and slogans. For a company culture to be truly accepted and adopted by workers, they need to experience the desired positive behaviors that reinforce this culture. Company culture consultants identify key behaviors that reinforce your desired company culture and develop processes for promoting these behaviors among workers.
  • Developing Cultural Capabilities: Uniform, top-down cultures are not the right approach for all companies. Many companies, particularly those who are heavily innovative, often require cultures that differ across departments and teams. Company culture consultants have the tools to arm your management and workers with the capability to develop their own team cultures and teach them to understand how culture is reinforced through practice.
  • Employee Value Alignment: A successful company culture is an organic extension of the existing ideas and sentiments of your employees. Moreover, a company culture needs to be willingly embraced by employees, as opposed to being enforced from above. Employee value alignment is a hands-on process that works on key quality of life issues within your company culture and operations to ensure that it truly is a positive space that employees promote willingly.

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