Growth Strategy

A growth strategy outlines how a company intends to increase its value by expanding existing markets and seeking out new revenue opportunities. Most growth initiatives fail due to plain, boilerplate thinking and a lack of committed resources. Successful growth strategies must be innovative and supported with company-wide determination.

While the vast majority of the increased value enjoyed by investors has historically been the product of growth initiatives, only a small minority of these efforts are actually successful. Therefore, while growth is the main engine of value creation, most growth initiatives fail and those few that do succeed account for an enormous amount of historical value creation.

Experienced consultants are a key element of most successful growth strategies. Growth strategy consultants bring a singular focus, fresh perspective and burst of energy that helps a company to escape from its hierarchy and routine and recapture the innovation and drive that are essential to successful growth initiatives.

Bring a Consultport consultant on board to ensure that an operation that is so critical to the long term health of your company has an experienced guide at the helm.

  • Market Analysis: 

    Most successful growth initiatives stay near to a company’s core competencies and focus on a fresh view of existing markets. By taking a fresh look at a company’s existing markets, a growth strategy consultant can identify opportunities for product differentiation, competitor disruption, brand reinvention and more.

  • Identify Top Growth Opportunities:

    Many corporate growth efforts create a number of possible initiatives to pursue. While they all may represent good ideas, only the absolute best growth opportunities have a chance of being accepted by the market. Consultants can leverage years of market experience to identify the top growth initiatives that will have a strong chance of overcoming that critical and difficult hurdle of consumer brand transition.

  • A Culture of Innovation:

    Many companies struggle with growth strategies as a result of a rigid and insular corporate culture. Growth strategy consultants know how to kick-start the innovative drive within your company and create the necessary cultural environment for successful growth to take place.

  • Market Segmentation:

    Many newer growth initiatives are successful because they focus on differentiating between current consumers to identify those who are willing to pay more for a superior product. Market segmentation allows companies to stay within their core competency areas, and instead focus on creating a brand new segment of the market for their products to dominate.

  • Internal Asset Realignment:

    Most growth initiatives take an outward look at existing or future markets to identify opportunities for new or enhanced products, and then adjust their operations and assets to meet this new demand. However, a new and highly successful growth strategy is to instead look inward at how a company’s existing assets can be better tasked to capture market share and tackle new markets. From a company’s physical assets to its talent pool and intellectual property, many businesses accumulate vast resources that can be re-purposed to help drive successful growth in both new and current markets.


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growth strategy, Growth Strategy
growth strategy, Growth Strategy

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