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Leadership innovation is a holistic approach to evaluating your company’s culture of leadership, and then enhancing that culture with proven quantitative and qualitative methods. Every company will have a different leadership culture and different requirements from those leaders to maximise the company’s potential, so leadership innovation offers tailor-made solutions for each company’s unique needs.

Leadership innovation has a variety of methods and approaches, but they are all focused on developing the overall leadership quality of your company as a whole.This generally involves an in-depth assessment of your existing culture of leadership and a look at the personalities and power dynamics that form your management team. Once this assessment phase is complete, a leadership innovation consultant will take a range of approaches to enhancing leadership quality in your company, focusing on both individual and company-wide techniques based on the precise needs of your company.

Far more than traditional leadership coaches that offer generalised advice, a Consultport leadership innovation consultant will offer unique solutions that will steer your entire company toward new shores of successful leadership.

  • Leadership Goals: 

    Your company’s culture of leadership starts at the very top. That is where a leadership innovation consultant will begin their efforts to enhance your company’s overall performance. Clear goals for the company’s leadership need to be established before anything else can start, including specific project goals and outcomes that make sense for the unique needs of your company.

  • Assessment:

    Any leadership innovation project will involve an assessment phase that will evaluate your company’s unique leadership needs given the current state of your management team. This process involves a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, including questionnaires, interviews and evaluation of industry standard key performance indicators (KPI).

  • Talent Acquisition and Development Review:

    A consultant will evaluate your existing talent acquisition and development practises to understand how your company is selecting and training its leaders. Your protocols for talent acquisition and development have a significant impact on your leadership culture, and a consultant can ensure that you are using industry best practises in these areas.

  • Tailor-Made Leadership Solutions:

    Once a broad assessment of your company’s leadership needs is complete, your consultant will present a holistic program for developing your current leadership potential. This effort can include a range of techniques, from individual and group coaching to personnel changes and industry standard skill building programs. The solutions will be unique to your company’s specific leadership needs.

  • Leadership Evaluation:

    Leadership innovation is an on-going process, which means that your consultant will have a clearly defined timeline with goals for your company’s leadership development. The consultant will work with you over time to evaluate the progress of your company along the targets given by the timeline, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your leadership development stays on course over the long term.


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leadership innovation, Leadership Innovation
leadership innovation, Leadership Innovation

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