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Why Are Companies Turning to Consultport?

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October 23, 2020
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Bernadette Geyer
Bernadette enjoys working with innovative companies to help them communicate their value to a global audience. She's an avid ice hockey fan and balcony gardener.

The business environment is changing at a rapid pace. Whether you look at innovations in technology, downturns in the global economy. There is a rise of remote and co-working, and even the growth in talk about work-life balance.

All these things have sent the traditional employer-employee relationship the way of the dodo for many industries. Businesses have to adapt quickly to changes. They have to pivot on a dime (or so it seems), and find the most skilled people to help them on their path to success. Even if that path seems a bit unpredictable.

As companies face troubled economies and changing market environments, they are increasingly relying on freelance consulting marketplaces to find highly-skilled independent consultants for their projects. While there may be multitudes of reasons that a business may use a freelancer. The following are the top four reasons that companies are turning to Consultport for management consultants.

Access to Top Management Consultants and Digital Experts

When you want someone who has a deep understanding about a very specialist topic. An independent consultant is the best way to go. Even big firms and boutique consulting companies rely on Consultport when they need an independent consultant with a specialist skill.

Consultport helps companies of all sizes – including consulting firms. It helps them to be more agile as markets evolve. That’s why we designed our consulting platform to be a harbor where companies can take on board top-tier, highly experienced consultants and digital experts to advance any project.

We are highly selective when it comes to whom we have on our crew. Companies turn to Consultport because consultants on our platform have experience at leading and innovative companies like Google, BCG, McKinsey & Company, eBay, and Daimler. They are specialists in their knowledge areas.

As a freelance consulting marketplace, we provide experts in a wide variety of categories. Our Management Consultants have capabilities in Corporate Development, Customer Service, Innovation, Manufacturing, Marketing, Project Management, and Sustainability. Our Digital Experts are highly skilled in Business Automation, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies, and New Business Models – as well as many more categories.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” - Warren Buffet

Our Personal Touch Gets Their Project Staffed Quickly and Easily

Another reason companies are turning to Consultport is the fact that we combine the best features of an automated platform with a human touch. We find a consultant with the exact skills the companies need for a project – quickly. Our clients appreciate that they don’t have to go through a long contracting process, the way they would if they wanted to work with a big consulting firm. To use our freelance consulting marketplace, there are only three simple steps to get started.

In the first step, companies tell us their requirements by filling out a simple, confidential brief on our website. This is where a client specifies the type of support needed. From Consultants/Analysts to Project Managers, and Interim Managers to Digital Experts. We can even help companies find an Entire Project Team. The brief asks the topic in which the company needs support, the industry expertise required, when the company plans to start the project, and where the consultant should be located. Once you submit the brief, a member of our team gets back to them in less than one business day to confirm their project needs.

In the second step, we hand-pick the best available candidates from our pool of more than 3,500 brevetted consultants and digital experts. Our clients always get the final say on which consultant (or consultants) they want for their project. What’s more, 71% of our clients’ projects are staffed within 48 hours.

In step three, our clients can remain focused on their project while we handle all the administrative work associated with payments to the consultant. Companies come to us because we’re more than just a consulting platform. Our clients know they will have smooth sailing, because we are there to support them through their project whenever they need it.

We Offer 360° Quality Assurance that Extends Beyond the Duration of the Project

When we say we offer 360° quality assurance, we mean that we care about every step in the process. This includes from onboarding our clients, to implementation of their projects, and beyond. At Consultport, we treat our clients the way we like to be treated: with respect, fairness, and with the aim to deliver top quality. We could never achieve that if we operated with a narrow definition of quality assurance.

Our quality assurance care extends to what we do in addition to providing services as a freelance consulting marketplace. For instance, we have begun offering helpful tools for all businesses – and not just for our clients. Our first tool is a Digital Readiness Assessment that allows companies to look at how their “digital readiness score” is against other companies and digital leaders. We’ve also launched a Global Consultant Pricing Tool, with over 3,000 providers and 50,000 data points, so companies can find benchmark consultant rates within seconds.

Companies are turning to Consultport for their management consultant needs because we are forward-thinking, as well. We help our clients advance their most important projects and our consultants their careers. We care about having a great and lasting business impact while minimizing our ecological footprint. That’s why we try to make our projects as carbon neutral as possible and plant ten trees for every project completed.

We Enjoy the Journey

Study after study has shown that happy employees provide better customer service. At Consultport, we’ve created an environment where employees can think big, have fun, and do good. If you follow Consultport on social media, you’ll see that we care as much about the professional journeys of our crew members as we do about the success of our clients.

As industries face disruption and unpredictability, businesses have seen the benefits of using independent management consultants. Companies turn to Consultport’s freelance consulting marketplace not only because they know they will find a skilled consultant to work on their project, but also because they know the Consultport crew will gladly do whatever it takes to help them when the waters get rough.