digitization, Digitization Agenda for Manufacturing Company

Digitization of a B2B manufacturing business into a digital-first company.

  • Project Industry: Manufacturing
  • Functional topic: Digital strategy, Transformation
  • Needed support: A team of 1 innovation consultant and 1 technology consultant
  • Duration: 5 months
01. Project objective

The project team developed a straightforward roadmap for the transformation of a B2B manufacturing business into a digital-first company.

02. Approach

The consultants approached the project by defining the overall transformation objective for our client’s business. The digital capabilities of the company were assessed. In order to establish the starting point for the digitization process. After defining and prioritizing the potential digitization initiatives along the value chain, the consultants identified and evaluated the potential for various new digital-first business model opportunities.

03. Results

The work of the project team culminated in a digital transformation roadmap, enabling the client to launch right into the transformation process.

04. Feedback

We had many ideas and ongoing initiatives that merged into a clear transformation agenda, with all stakeholders aligned. (Chief Information Officer)