growth strategy, Developing a Growth Strategy and Equity Story for Investors


  • Project Industry: B2B service company

  • Functional topic: Equity story

  • Needed support: Experienced and senior strategy consultant

  • Duration: 4 months

01. Project objective

The organisation needed a growth strategy that could simultaneously act as a compelling reason for investors to invest in stocks and shares of the company.

02. Approach

The project started with a full market analysis and assessment of the company, identifying both threats and opportunities for growth. With sweet spots and market opportunities defined, the consultant was able to support the client in creating a vision for the organisation. In order to convince potential investors to back the organisation, the project also concentrated on creating a compelling rationale that would attract investors and convince them to invest in the company.

03. Results

Thanks to the consultant’s help, an equity paper was composed that helped refine the company vision, growth strategy and attract new investors.

04. Feedback

The equity paper helped us refine our vision.”  (Chief Information Officer)