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Consultport: The Best Platform for Consultants

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January 8, 2021
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Leo Saini
Experienced copywriter who spends a lot of money at restaurants and regrets it later.

Let’s begin with some statistics about the best consulting platform.

Here at Consultport, we have more than 3,500 consultants and experts in our network, 71% of projects are staffed within 48 hours, and our consultants have taken on projects in 53 countries.

We are on a mission to connect organizations with top consultants and digital experts.

Whether you are a business looking for a consultant, or a consultant looking for freelance projects, we can help you succeed by connecting you with each other.

In this article, we will discuss about one of the best consulting platform. And, how Consultport can provide massive value to both companies and consultants.

Let’s begin with how companies can make the most out of our platform, then we’ll discuss how we help freelance consultants and digital experts advance their career.

If You Are a Company Looking for Consultants

Consultport is a freelance consultant platform that helps you find the right consultants for your project needs.

Fortunately, in this day and age, consultants who have worked for big firms like Google, Accenture, BCG, and McKinsey can be hired through the online consulting marketplace.

We are proud to be a platform that has made top consulting talent more accessible to a lot of businesses. So, what makes Consultport the best consulting platform? Let’s find out.

“We had high expectations, looking for a strong international project team with top-tier consulting background and deep digital expertise. Consultport equipped us with just the right people.” - Patrick Alberts, Chief Product Officer, XING
Why Consultport

Consultport has access to hundreds of top management consultants and digital experts from all around the world. We know they are ‘top’ experts because we handpick and screen every single consultant who we recommend to companies. We do the initial background checks and interviews to ensure that you only have to talk to the best ones.

What Our Consultants Do

We have more than a couple of dozen categories of consultants for you to choose from. From project management consultants to digital marketing experts, we have a consultant who can help with almost every type of goal a business may want to achieve.

Here’s What Our Process Looks Like for Companies Who Want to Hire Consultants

When you choose Consultport as your freelance consultant platform to find consultants, our team members will support you from the beginning of the project and will be there to assist you all the way till the end of the engagement. Here’s the three-step process that we follow:

  1. Tell us your requirements: It all starts with a confidential chat between you and our team where you can tell us about your requirements.
  2. Choose your consultants from our talent pool: We will go through our database of more than 3500 consultants and send you a few handpicked profiles. It is of the ones who are best suited for your project.
  3. Commence the project: When you choose a consultant and start the project, we will still be there to handle all the admin work and offer ongoing support.

If you are looking to have on-demand access to some of the brightest brains in the world, feel free to submit a brief to us.

Say goodbye to spending big money on giant consulting firms. It’s time to take your business to the next level by hiring consultants at an affordable price by leveraging the growing online consulting marketplace.

If You Are a Consultant Looking for Freelance Projects

If you’re ready to quit the corporate world and go freelancing, this is the right time to do so. Firstly, the online consulting marketplace has made it a lot easier for businesses to ditch the usual route of hiring consultants. Now businesses are open to hiring freelance consultants on an on-demand basis. Secondly, freelance consultant platforms like Consultport have made it super easy for consultants and digital experts to find quality projects.

Why You Should Join Consultport

When you sign up with one of the best consulting platforms, you get access to a unique network of clients who will pay you what you are worth. With Consultport, you get all of it along with one simple and easy-to-use platform to manage all your jobs. Here are some more reasons to send us your CV today:

  • Attractive rates: You get to set your own rates and choose high-value projects
  • Flexibility: Only work on projects that you are truly passionate about and choose companies from your preferred geographical location
  • Ongoing support: We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and consultants, and that is why we will offer you personal support before, during, and after the project

What We Look for in Our Freelance Consultants

The one thing that differentiates the best consulting platforms from others is the quality of consultants. That is why we need our consultants to meet certain requirements:

  • Management consultants: More than 2 years of experience in a top consulting firm, or a past-faced environment such as investment banking, private equity, etc.
  • Digital experts: More than 5 years of experience in a leading digital company, and/or in-depth expertise in the digital transformation field
  • Industry experts: At least a decade of senior-level experience in a blue-chip company

Here’s What Our Process Looks Like for Consultants Who Want to Come on Board

The best consulting platforms do way more than just connecting consultants and companies. Here at Consultport, we not only find the right projects for our consultants, but we also manage the paperwork, so our consultants can focus on what’s important to them - that is, putting their best foot forward without any unwanted distractions.

Again, we have a simple three-step process to find the best projects for you:

  1. Apply and interview to be a part of our talent pool: As we always strive to be the best consulting platform, we only choose the best consultants.
  2. Receive projects: The choice is all yours - choose the projects that you find interesting.
  3. Commence the project: Show your skills and focus on the project while we handle all the admin work.

So, what are you waiting for? If you meet the requirements to join the Consultport talent pool, we would love to hear from you.

You could be just one email away from an exciting, well-paid project that is tailored to your interests and standards.

Final Thoughts

Consultants, this is the best time to go freelance and work on the projects of your choice. It’s possible to work flexible hours and take on more responsibility early on in your career.

Companies, you no longer have to spend a big chunk of your budget on decades-old consulting firms. The consultants who have worked for these ‘big’ firms are now available as freelancers, and sometimes, you could find them within 48 hours through Consultport.

And that’s our vision at Consultport - we strive to become a freelance consultant platform where both consultants and companies succeed. Together.