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Consultport’s Mission: A Glimpse of Best Online Consulting Platform

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August 5, 2020
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Bernadette Geyer
Bernadette enjoys working with innovative companies to help them communicate their value to a global audience. She's an avid ice hockey fan and balcony gardener.

Let's commence with our mission: Become the world's leading platform where companies and consultants succeed. Together.

Even before you read our mission statement, you see our name: Consultport. The word "port" in our name brings to mind images of harbors and boats. This is intentional.

Consultport's founder, Till Schmid, is originally from Hamburg, Germany - a port city. Harbors have long been a big part of his life, and have remained important to him. This is why the nautical theme is a very prominent part of how we present ourselves.

Our online consulting platform was not created to simply be a technical tool that takes inputs and creates outputs. It is much more than that. Consultport is really a harbor where organizations can take on board top-tier, highly experienced consultants and digital experts to advance any project and be successful.

Success is not a river that flows in one direction, however. Successful businesses go hand-in-hand with successful consultants. And this brings us to our mission statement: Become the world's leading platform, where companies and consultants succeed. Together.

This statement truly directs what we do at Consultport. As we will explain here, we did not just create this mission statement to fill space on a website header - each phrase has a deep meaning to us.

Become the world’s leading platform…

We see our online consulting platform as a busy and welcoming harbor where ships (clients) of all sizes can arrive to take on board the exact cargo (independent consultants) they need to meet their goals. Clients with smaller projects may only need one or two consultants in their boat, whereas a cargo ship – a client with a large, company-wide project, for instance – may require many consultants, each with a specific expertise, to be distributed among various departments or sub-projects in the organization.

Consultport works with clients around the globe, which is why it’s also important for us to include the word world in our mission. And we want to become the leading, go-to online consulting marketplace that brings companies together with the best freelance consultants. Combining digitalization with a human touch, our platform offers clients relief when their organizations are experiencing rough waters.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

…where companies and consultants succeed…

Consultport was created because we saw how markets were being changed by digital innovations and how organizations were struggling with the challenges arising from these changes. We also saw that the agility and flexibility offered by high-quality external resources – freelance consultants – were critical factors for success.

Part of our mission is to help companies of all sizes and types succeed by handpicking the best independent consultants for their needs from our pool of pre-vetted experts, and by offering 360° quality management – from onboarding to project implementation and beyond. We also support businesses in need of interim managers, as well as larger consulting firms who want to fill expertise gaps, so they can win more projects.

An equally important part of our mission at Consultport is to ensure the success of the highly experienced consultants that use our online consulting platform to find projects where they can apply their expert knowledge and skills. We support our freelancers by finding the right projects for them and managing the paperwork involved, so they can focus on doing what they do best.

To further enhance our mission, Consultport also offers tips and advice for consultants, so that they can continue to develop their skill set.

… Together.

Consultport’s mission statement ends with an emphasis on the word "Together" for a very significant reason. A business whose crew lacks someone with a key skill will have a difficult time when it hits stormy seas. And even the best freelance consultant will find it impossible to make use of their expert knowledge and skills if they are standing alone on the dock, with no boat in sight.

online consulting platform, Consultport’s Mission: A Glimpse of Best Online Consulting Platform

Neither the company nor the consultant can be successful without access to the other. They must be brought together. And that, ultimately, is the mission of our online consulting platform – to match the company together with the right consultant to ensure the success of both.

Connecting the Dots

Consultport’s mission is visually represented by our logo: a number of different dots that, when connected together, make a boat. This is the heart of what we do. We help to connect the dots, supporting organizations to assemble the best team, with the right expertise, and complementary strengths. So together, they form the boat that will enable them to ride out any challenges.

As Consultport continues to grow, we look forward to helping more and more companies and consultants all over the globe to succeed. Together.