market entry strategy, Market Entry Strategy to China for Consumer Service Company


  • Project Industry: Consumer services

  • Functional topic: Market entry

  • Needed support: 1 top-tier strategy consultant

  • Duration: 3 months

01. Project objective

As a successful consumer service company the client was preparing for international expansion, namely into the Chinese market. Research into expansion opportunities and support prior to the expansion to China was needed.

02. Approach

Identifying the core question pre-market expansion, the project initially had to evaluate the market entry potential on the basis of a key hypothesis developed specifically for the client. 

In a second step, the consultancy project was to develop and evaluate market entry options on the basis of which an expansion strategy could be designed.

03. Results

At the end of the process, the client had a detailed, custom-made expansion strategy. Additionally, the client also received specific recommendations and best practices for executing the market entry. With future expansion into further territories in mind, the project had a roadbook with valuable insights and recommendations for later international market extensions.

04. Feedback

Based on the analysis and the specifically developed strategy for market entry, we had everything we needed to  successfully expand our services to the Chinese market.

(Head of International Businesses)