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3 Sales Strategies to Increase Sales Fast in 2023

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May 25, 2023
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So, what brings you to this article? Are you struggling to meet your sales target? Or are you proactively taking steps in order to maintain your current sales? Well, you ended up on the right article then.

You see, the internet is filled with generic sales strategies like “offer discount coupons” or “use social media ads”. But today, we will discuss only three simple yet effective strategies. No buzzwords or hot air—we’re only going to talk about the tips that can help you increase sales.

And if you’re short on time, just refer to the quick template that has been added to this article.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Strategy #1: Use Sales Automation

Since everybody is talking about AI, let’s begin this article with sales automation. Imagine this: You have hired an entire team of professionals to find leads, fetch them from the bottom of the sales funnel to the top, and close sales. But what if you could have an automation platform do it on autopilot? This is when sales automation comes into play.

The right sales automation platform is like a one-person army that does everything from lead generation and nurturing to closing and post-purchase customer relationship management. So, let’s understand how sales automation can skyrocket your revenue in detail.

Lead scoring

Yes, you should assign scores to leads based on their likelihood of converting into a customer—and sales automation platforms can do it for you. For example, a lead who has downloaded three of your company’s e-books and opened six emails is far more valuable than the one who has only opened one email. It can be hard to score leads manually, so always use technology instead.

Sales analytics

Once again, doing all the math yourself can be hectic and cause errors. So, that’s why you should let technology handle this side of your business as well. CRM platforms can gather and analyze data and offer actionable insights. For instance, “XYZ blog brought 200 leads to the website.” Meaning you should write more such blogs and increase your lead count.

Sales forecasting

As the name suggests, sales forecasting is all about estimating the future volume of your company’s sales. Again, letting technology do this is a far safer choice. Now, once you have a forecast of sales, you can plan certain important tasks in advance, such as raw material sourcing, human resources, and risk assessment.

Besides this, automation platforms can also help you with sales enablement, maintaining relationships with customers with ease, and scheduling newsletters, social media posts, and blog posts.


  • Sales automation is a great way to automate lead generation, nurturing, and closing. It can also be used to continue relationships with existing customers and win repeat purchases.
  • The purchase process should be made as easy as possible by identifying and removing hurdles that delay the sale process.
  • The purchase process can be made easy by installing self-checkout counters, assisting customers by understanding their pain points, making e-commerce websites more user-friendly, and adding FAQ sections on websites.
  • To increase online sales, businesses should include videos of products as customers who watch a product video are 64%-85% more likely to buy.
  • Hiring freelance sales consultants, such as digital sales consultants or B2B sales experts, to name a few, can provide an excellent return on investment.

Strategy #2: Make It Very Easy for Customers to Buy Your Product

It’s crazy how so many businesses miss this. Business officials themselves don’t realize it when they make it hard for customers to buy from them. For example, an e-commerce website that is poorly designed and slow can push customers to a competitor. And for brick-and-mortar shops, long queues at the checkout counter could repel customers from a distance. So, how to create a smooth purchase experience? Let’s find out.

Create a prescriptive approach

This one is inspired by Gartner. The dictionary definition of the “prescriptive” is: telling people exactly how something should be done. So, in sales, a prescriptive approach involves understanding customers’ needs thoroughly and guiding them toward the right solution. For example, if a customer needs a solution for high humidity levels in their house, the sales rep can either recommend a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. If the customer further mentions that temperature is not a problem, then a dehumidifier should do the trick. According to Gartner, a prescriptive approach can increase purchase ease by 86%.

Fix your website

Does your website look like it’s from the early 2010s? Well, sorry to tell you this, but that was a long time ago! In this day and age, websites look way different than they did ten years ago. Here are some features of a great e-commerce website:

  • Easy navigation: Your customers should be able to find what they need on your website quickly. That’s why you should categorize and list products intelligently and place them on your website in such a way that users can find them with minimum scrolls and clicks.
  • Add videos: This one requires extra work, but it's worth it. According to marketing guru Neil Patel, customers who watch a product video are 64%-85% more likely to buy. It’s possible that you’ll need to invest more time and money, but the stats speak for themselves.
  • Ratings and reviews: This is the age of ratings and reviews. People read reviews, and people write reviews—it is what it is. Make sure your Ratings and Reviews section is well-designed and looks authentic (remember, authentic). So, if all your ratings are 5 stars and most reviews read “very good” or “nice product”—even a kid can tell it's fake. Genuineness is key here. Reviews must be truly helpful and assist purchase decisions.

Besides this, you should also include a well-written FAQ section, privacy policy, and return policy. Chatbots are big currently, so should invest in them as well. And finally, make sure your website is optimized for mobile as $3.56 trillion worth of sales were achieved through mobile devices in 2021.

Reduce purchase time in physical stores

“I like to stand in a queue for 1 hour,” said nobody ever. Streamlining your checkout system means you can sell more products in less time, and most importantly, have happy customers. This can be done in many ways. First, you should invest in self-checkout machines. Another option is curbside pickup, which got famous during the pandemic. Basically, in the curbside pickup arrangement, a customer can order online and then pick up their purchase from a designated location outside the shopping center.

Strategy #3: Hire Freelance Sales Consultants

Need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your company’s sales situation? How about you hire a freelance sales consultant? Now, a sales consultant is a broad term that includes many different areas of expertise. So, let’s discuss the options for you to choose from.

Sales Strategy Consultants

Sales Strategy consultants can be of great assistance when it comes to customer journey mapping, lead generation strategies, sales automation, and CRM tool implementation. In short, they can dig deeper into your customers’ psyche at each step of the buying process and create a strategy accordingly. They are also aware of the latest CRM tools that can boost your sales and provide valuable insights.

B2B Sales Experts

B2B or business-to-business sales experts specialize in helping you close more sales in a situation in which the client is a business, not an individual customer. You see, the dynamics in a business-to-business sale are way different from the usual business-to-customer sale. A B2B sales expert can help you with pricing strategy refinement, sales process optimization, predictive analysis, and of course, sales automation and CRM implementation. In case your business is business-to-customer (B2C) type, you can also seek the help of B2C experts.

Sales Process Consultants

When you set a sales process in place, everyone on the sales team would have a good direction on how to get the customer from point A to B. For example, if someone’s running a shoe company, their sales process could start with prospecting, then analyzing a prospect’s needs, presenting them with the best possible shoe, handling objections, and closing the sale. In real life though, this can be a lot more complicated, so having a sales process consultant on board can help you engineer a well-thought-out sales process that is bound to generate results.

Digital Sales Consultants

It’s no secret that we’re living in a digital age. Even businesses that have physical offices need to leverage digital sales to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s sales funnel building, sales automation, digital platform expertise, sales digitalization, or e-commerce strategy—digital sales consultants can ensure your business is not left behind in the digital race.

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