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How a PPC Consultant Will Maximize Your Business Performance

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August 25, 2021
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Gizela has almost two decades of experience within the Digital sphere and eagerly awaits the day she can be cloned so she can finally get everything on her daily to-do list done

For many, it took a global pandemic to realise the importance of digital. It is an actual modern psychological phenomenon; if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist. Along with the normal business basics such as a website and a social media presence, a business also needs to have a paid ad strategy. Due to constant algorithm changes of the various search engines and social media platforms as well as the influx of traffic on digital channels, organic reach has dwindled down to next to nothing. Enter PPC…

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and pretty much describes exactly how this marketing model works. This is when a business runs digital ads and pays for the ad every time someone actually clicks on it. These ads drives traffic to a place where the company can gather lead information. Or simply it takes them to a website or landing page where the business can either be contacted or an immediate conversion/sale can take place. Examples of popular PPC ads would be Facebook and Google ads.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

The Benefits of PPC

There are many benefits to PPC marketing:

  • No need to stay up to date

    Those relying solely on organic reach are subject to the incredibly tumultuous technical tides of the algorithms. For those who are not actual professionals within the digital marketing sphere, it can be incredibly difficult to stay up to date with the latest changes or trends. Using PPC ads is a way to sidestep most of these algorithms and other technical restrictions.

  • Get your name out there

    Even if someone doesn’t click on your ad today (which in the case of PPC is a good thing when it comes to your budget). They still have seen your ad and what your business/company is all about.

  • Target your actual audience

    You no longer have to put up a poster and pray that it is seen by the right person. PPC ads allow you to pinpoint and show your ad to your exact target audience. This targeting is so detailed that you can specify income, behaviour, interests, specific demographics, locations and much, much more.

  • Results are almost instantaneous

    Not only are the people you are reaching with your ad your perfect target audience, but things happen almost immediately and automatically. There’s no need to wait on potential customers to call via the number on a flyer to have Lizzy, the admin lady, take down their details or transfer them from department to department.

    If the goal of the PPC ad is to increase the traffic to a website, the goal is reached with just one click redirecting the user immediately. If the purpose is lead capturing, one click will take a user to a lead form where the information is captured and easily downloaded in various formats for different usages. Additionally, if the goal is increasing sales, a user will be redirected to the product “add to cart” page. So many almost instantaneous results with. Just. One. Click.

  • A much higher ROI

    PPC ads are much cheaper than a $6000 billboard next to the road or a TV ad. So to see any ROI (Return On Investment) isn’t too hard to begin with. But because of the detailed targeting aspect of PPC along with the immediate results, your ROI increases dramatically than when you rely on the odd chance that the right person will drive by your billboard and remember to contact you and actually make a purchase.

  • Analysis is your friend

    I dare you to try and analyse a successful radio ad campaign without any variables. How can you possibly tell how many people heard your ad in total? How do you know which of those were even close to your specific target audience? And how do you track which sales were due to the ad unless you specifically ask every buyer?

    PPC ads don’t just give you the chance to control every aspect of your ad reach and success, but it also allows you to export and analyse detailed metrics. Not only will this ensure that you keep improving on your future ad strategy, but it will also give you insight into tweaks that might be needed for the current campaign in real-time.

  • Get preference

    As with most businesses, a paying customer enjoys preference and other added perks. In the case of PPC ads such as Google, those perks include being featured at the top of search results. That means that if anybody is looking for a “lawyer near me”, the firm currently running Google PPC ads will be displayed in the search results before any other non-paying firm.

  • It can be incorporated into any marketing strategy

    To start running PPC ads, a business doesn’t need to get a sudden and complete marketing overhaul. No one needs to stop the presses or drastically change running or planned campaigns. PPC can be integrated into your marketing strategy to amplify marketing efforts and increase overall ROI.

What is a PPC consultant?

A PPC consultant is a specialist in PPC marketing and can help businesses implement or improve their PPC strategy. These consultants are independent contractors and do not need to be employed permanently. This is not necessarily because the business doesn’t have an in-house marketing team but to help guide the team on the way forward. PPC salaries for permanent employees can become quite extensive since it’s such a specialised field. To avoid these exorbitant PPC salaries, many companies opt to hire a PPC consultant to train their in-house digital marketing team.

If you feel like you’re ready to take your PPC game to the next level, we have plenty of PPC consultants who can give you the guidance you need. If you have any specific questions or queries regarding a PPC consultant and your digital marketing, feel free to contact us here.