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The Death of Consulting As We Know It

Did you know that the consulting industry is going through massive changes right now? Things aren’t as they used to be a few years ...

How Consulting Companies are Becoming Sustainable

Business consulting firms are becoming sustainable consulting companies. This is a response to calls for environmental business ethics and sustainability. But what do these ...

How Consulting Firms turn into Sustainable Consulting Firms

Business consulting firms are becoming sustainable companies in response to calls for environmental business ethics and sustainability. But, what do these terms mean, and ...

How Technical Skill Sets Have Transformed the Consultant Marketplace

It’s probably more accurate to say that the shortage of technical skill sets has transformed the marketplace. Certainly, the digital consulting marketplace has exploded, ...

How Consulting Platforms Have Changed the Consulting Industry

When it comes to the consulting industry, many of those in the know simply do not follow the old expression of “eating your own ...

Why You Should be Hiring On-Demand Talent

I have been reading a very interesting Harvard Business School / Bain Consulting report on Building the On-Demand Workforce. It brings together the concepts ...

How Digitalization Is Impacting Professional Services (Trends)

Digital transformation is no longer something that consultants advise their clients about. It is disrupting consulting services themselves. For instance, talent is the core ...

Remote Work for Consultants – What Will Change post-COVID?

Whether you’re the type of person who likes remote work or not, the pandemic gave most of us a little taste of what it ...

The Past, Present, and Future of Remote Working

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘remote work’? Most people probably think that remote working ...

Freelance Consulting in 2021 – Trends to Look Out for

Shew! 2020 is over, finally. Let’s hope humankind never has to face such a situation ever again. Now, let’s focus on 2021 with enthusiasm. ...

Why the Number of Independent Consultants Is on the Rise

Just search for the number of professionals working as freelancers today. Well, let’s save you some time - it’s in the millions - no ...

How the Corona Virus Impacted Consulting Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on global stock markets. By June 2020, companies on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ ...

Consultport – A Platform for the Future of Consulting

Employment agencies, which match job-seekers to open positions at companies, have been around since the late-1800s. They were originally seen as a way to ...

Why Are The Top Management Consultancies So Expensive?

Top management consultancies are described using a lot of adjectives, but ‘cost-effective’, ‘cheap’, or ‘affordable’ aren’t really one of them. A lot of candidates ...

The Future of Consulting Has Arrived – The Online Consulting Marketplace

Sometimes change creeps up on us without us realizing how significant it is. I think that the online consulting marketplace may be one such ...

The Essential Consulting Skills that Every Consultant Should Develop

How much time do you spend developing your consulting skills? As a freelance management consultant, it can be tempting to focus your attention on ...

Why Liquid Workforces are a Solution for Leading Companies

It is such a clever analogy to describe the trend towards a more flexible workforce as the liquid workforce. A liquid maintains its volume ...

Will Freelance Consultants Reinvent Management Consulting?

The evolution of traditional business consulting towards freelance consultants and online consulting platforms seemed very unlikely even five years ago. Today, it’s simply part ...

Choppy Waters Boost Freelance Consultants Demand

Is it fair to talk about opportunity in the middle of a tragedy as devastating as Covid-19? The coronavirus pandemic has torn the world ...
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