Case Study | Dynamic Pricing: Fueling Growth in Fashion Retail


Fashion Retail




(Middle East, North Africa)

The Challenge

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

The client, a fashion retailer based in the Middle East, sought a pricing strategy consultant to explore and implement dynamic pricing initiatives to boost competitiveness.

Role of Consultport

 proposed 2 candidates within 24 hours. The client interviewed both candidates and selected a former Senior Consultant at Simon-Kucher with rich pricing project experiences. The consultant started working with the client team 72 hours after the initial request.


Leveraging Analytical Tools

With conjoint analysis and segmentation modeling, the consultant looked into distinct preferences, price sensitivities, and purchasing triggers of the consumers.

The consultant also conducted market analysis to evaluate industry factors and a competitive benchmarking analysis to assess competitors’ pricing structures.


Dynamic Pricing Framework

The consultant proposed a multi-tiered pricing framework; categorizing customers into segments based on preferences, price sensitivities, and purchasing behaviors, ensuring that each segment received a pricing proposition aligned with their value perception. 

Collaborating closely with the client, the consultant developed and implemented several initiatives based on the dynamic pricing framework.


Enhanced Performance

Three months after the implementation of the dynamic pricing strategy, the client experienced a 5% increase in sales volume and a 3% growth in unit sales. The enhanced financial results strengthened the company’s top line and provided them with the resources for further growth.

Pricing Framework

Dynamic Pricing

Business Performance

The dynamic pricing strategy from the consultant was our secret weapon, helping us maximize profitability by accurately valuing our products based on market conditions.

VP, Pricing & Strategy of Fashion Retailer

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