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The Challenge

Cohesive Global Data Management

The client, a global MedTech company, sought the support of a project team of 4 based in Europe, APAC, and USA to create and implement a Master Data Management (MDM) Program. In particular, the team would be responsible for identifying data requirements, facilitating data gathering globally and eventually designing and implementing the program.

Role of Consultport

proposed 12 strong candidates within 96 hours. The client interviewed 7 candidates. For the Project Manager role, they selected a former Accenture Manager based in Switzerland, with 15 years experience steering multiple data programs as Project Managers. The other team members each came with minimum 7 years experience in designing and implementing MDM programs at global MedTech companies. The team started working with the client team 10 days after the initial request.


Project Set-Up & Analysis

The project manager first set up reporting structures, KPI dashboards, project timelines, and communication plan for the team members based in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The team then conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing data management practices. Engaging with key stakeholders from various departments and geographies, the team identified specific data fields relevant for each function and aligned data management practices globally.

internal workshops


Tailored Workflows & Internal Workshops

The team designed tailored data collection workflows, allowing systematic gathering of crucial data points across departments and regions. 

They also created new processes and work instructions to improve data quality. For instance, through close collaboration with the client’s data management teams, the team defined a common set of naming conventions and data quality benchmarks.

One of the main challenges was to develop data management processes and governance structures to comply with regional regulatory frameworks. To tackle this, the team dived deep into regional regulations and created a centralized “Control Tower” to ensure data governance and compliance.

To ensure effective execution, the team coordinated internal workshops to educate employees on the updated data management practices.


Streamlined Data Management & Improved Data Quality

The initiatives developed by the team were well received by the management team and internal employees. 

The streamlined data collection workflows ensured consistent capturing of essential data points, while the improved data quality contributed to better analysis and informed decision-making. 

Frequent workshops that engaged teams globally fostered improved employee awareness of data entry practices and ensured that the company was aligned on all aspects of the program, from data collection to reporting and compliance. 

The MDM program was successfully launched shortly after the engagement, with the team’s initiatives becoming standard practices for data collection throughout the organization.

Data Collection

Data Quality


The new workflows and standards by the consultant team, staffed by Consultport, has led to a noticeable enhancement in our data quality, ensuring a successful rollout of our MDM Program.

Head of Global Operations of Global MedTech Company

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