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Hire Lean Consultants for Your Startup

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October 4, 2021
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You’ve considered starting your own business for some time and pushed back on committing to the process, but now is the time. The success of any business venture lies in setting and attaining goals. One of the goals of a new business will include ample research into the market, competitors, copyright or legalities and intricacies associated with your type of business.

Have you considered using consultation firms and received quotes for their services? Some consulting firms charge per hour, others (depending on the level of skill required) per task. Does your business idea validate such an expensive investment to get off the ground? This is where an independent consultant for startups can be beneficial.

Considering a Consultant for Startups

Assistance in any startup business is invaluable. Moreover, this will determine whether the founder can focus their attention on a range of issues that they will face in the future. The role of a consultant for startups is to do the necessary research, anticipate the pitfalls to prepare for them adequately. And also to develop strategies for future success. A consultant for startups is generally found through word of mouth or could be found among like-minded people, it could even be an acquaintance. Finding a consultant for startups depends greatly on the type of business one wants to undertake.

The consultancy world is one of the most varied in the professional environment. It depends on the services required. Based on an American study conducted since the 1960s, there are a few distinct consultation specializations that can be found in business even today. The number of business consultants in the strategic, IT, financial, HR and management sectors of new businesses is more than the need. A consultant for startups will require a portfolio of attributes and references to “make the cut”.

Startup companies require immense dedication and energy from the owner. But, making use of a consultant for startups can expedite the launch process or tap into the research of an industry expert. Moreover, they possess the insight and resources a startup would require, and charge less than traditional consultancy firms do.

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” – Seth Godin, Squidoo founder, author and blogger.

Where Does The Term “Lean Startup” Come From?

A lean startup is a phrase (and a methodology) created by author- entrepreneur Eric Ries over a decade ago. This particular business methodology addresses how a business can be successful without excessive planning and capital investment. Moreover, this is to arrive at a satisfactory result to take to the marketplace.

The Lean Startup Methodology

The lean startup method is a loop that features three phases: “build”, “measure” and “learn”. This allows business owners to determine whether their product or service will be successful in a competitive market. Once these three phases are extensively tested and implemented, the cycle begins again to update products and services.

Are You Ready For A Lean Startup Consultant?

There is no magic recipe to find the perfect consultant for startups. But independent consultant work can be a blessing, or a curse, in disguise. Excited entrepreneurs and business owners can fall prey to the intricacies of having a suitable consultant for startups.

New business owners will face a myriad of business models and advice from consultants, some of which can be overwhelming. So, let’s talk about streamlining the consultant in your business (life).

A lean startup consultant will be able to provide a business owner with the most value at a fraction of the cost of a consulting firm. They will also advise on methods to ensure the startup is profitable with the least amount of investment required. Lean startup consultants must be able to analyze data from the business owner. They should identify factors that will impact the business most cost-effectively. Basically, a suitable lean startup consultant will be able to focus on the “build, measure and learn” principles. Once the specific area of independent consultant work finalizes, they should be able to commence the next phase of the project again.

5 Reasons You Should Use Independent Consultant Work

A new business (and owner) needs an expert to share their experience and advice in the effort to save money, frustration and time for the entrepreneur. Here are 5 reasons why independent consultant work is beneficial to your business:

  1. Independent consultant work can provide a new business owner with valuable insight into the steps of a startup. The framework to a successful venture could be locked up in the resources or expertise a lean startup consultant brings to the party.
  2. Part of independent consultant work will include unprejudiced feedback on the proposed and business model. Lean startup consultants can provide an outlook for critical phases in the venture. It guides to navigate pitfalls, exploring new avenues and how to make the business profitable.
  3. An independent consultant can assist in the method of creating a recipe for success. New business owners might not know how to activate the plan, but independent consultation work will provide the steps necessary to start the business successfully.
  4. A lean startup consultant is an expert in their field. They possess knowledge on the current trends, historical knowledge. They have the insight to develop and implement the steps to ensure continuous success.
  5. The most time-consuming task during a lean startup is the initial research into the market and competitors. A lean startup consultant can provide valuable knowledge without undertaking prolonged research into the market, products, services and legalities of the venture. This means the new business owner will be getting into the market quicker than a prospective competitor.

Start your Business Venture

Take the advice from Seth Godin and start your new business venture. The traditional “business plans” are making way for innovative lean business models. There is now a seat at the table for independent consultants to provide the guidance and support which is needed by an entrepreneur.

Ensure you conduct your research in the validity and experience of your chosen lean startup consultant to make the most of the independent consultation work on offer. Adopt the ability to conceptualize, formulate and ascertain from the process to produce a lean business model which can function profitably and remain long-lasting.

Need Help?

If you are looking for a reputable and valuable third party to assist your lean startup, seek advice from Consultport. With access to unbiased startup consultants and business specialists to provide you with the independent consultation work you need, you will be clenching deals and growing your business in a lean way.