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Freelance Or Brand Consulting - What Should Companies Choose?

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January 8, 2021
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Leo Saini
Experienced copywriter who spends a lot of money at restaurants and regrets it later.

So, you have decided to bring some consultants on board to help you reach your business goals? Good choice.

Now the question is: Where will you find the top consultants?

Are you going to approach big consulting firms and work with consultants they assign to you?

Or are you going to visit the online consulting marketplace and assemble your own freelance consulting team?

If you choose the latter, you’ll have way more control over the situation and the overall results. And that’s not it - there are a lot more benefits to building your own consulting team.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s better to build a team that consists of the best freelance consultants that you have handpicked.

Your Personal A-Team

When you create your own freelance consulting team with the help of the online consulting marketplace, you can fill the need for a much wider range of requirements. You could have the best email marketing expert, Agile coach, and management consultant under one roof. You could have candidates who have worked for Google, McKinsey, and other big firms share their knowledge with you - which is not possible if you choose all your consultants from the same ‘big’ consulting firm.

Highly Motivated

When you work with big consulting firms, you will be assigned consultants who are available at the time. However, when you find consultants through the online consulting marketplace, things are a bit different. Here at Consultport, for example, consultants on the platform apply for a specific project they are confident about, and therefore are very committed. They don’t blindly apply for any project that’s available. They’d rather go for the ones that they are truly passionate about. This attitude can make a huge difference in the results a company gets later down the line.

“We were looking for a strong and interdisciplinary project team with top-tier consulting background experience – Consultport delivered” - Daniel Koch
Great Experience

Consultport has access to hundreds of top freelance consultants, and we have helped many companies find the right consultants in next to no time. Whether you need a consultant with a strategic mindset or the ones who have worked for big consulting firms in the past, Consultport has it all. Simply contact Consultport to have a confidential discussion regarding your project needs. Then, you will receive profiles of the top candidates that are best suited for your project. You can choose the ones that you like and Consultport will handle the admin work - so easy, isn’t it?

Broader Perspective

A lot of consulting firms that have been in business for decades to produce results. Otherwise, they would be out of business. However, to access wider skill sets, you’ll need to engage with consultants from more than one firm. Luckily, it’s possible to find consultants from different company backgrounds these days due to online consulting platforms. You could handpick the best freelance consultants who have worked for big firms in the past through the online consulting marketplace. This will allow you to combine the strengths of each individual in the team who has different perspectives on problems and a myriad of approaches on how to solve them. One different opinion could change the entire outcome of your project for good. Never underestimate the strength of diverse perspectives.

Larger Network

Sometimes in business, it’s not about ‘what’ you know, it’s about ‘who’ you know. Networks can turn an underperforming business into a stable one, and a stable one into a household name. When you build your own freelance consulting team by using the online consulting marketplace, your reach will be exponential. You get access to the network of freelance consultants that you hire as well as the consulting platform that you use to find them.

Efficient Use of Resources

Big firms have big advertising budgets. They have fancy offices in high rise buildings. That could potentially be the reason behind their high rates. However, what you, as a business, really need is the right expertise and proper guidance. Online consulting platforms can connect you with the best freelance consultants who may not have fancy offices, but they do have the right skills and motivation. You don’t have to contribute to a big corporation's giant marketing budgets. You should rather do what’s most valuable for your business, that is, hiring a freelance consultant and accessing the same expertise that someone from a big firm has.

Just as Professional as Big Firms

Remember, big consulting firms have a lot of employees from all around the world. So, consultants who don’t know each other often work together. The same goes for freelance consultants. Teams that consist of freelance consultants often do not know each other beforehand, but they work together well. Also, when you choose every single freelance consultant on your team yourself, you could do some preliminary interviews to ensure that every consultant will be a good cultural fit.

Focused Access to Back-Office / Databases

Through Consultport, consultants and teams have access to databases and studies. However, these are assessed on a project-specific basis and are not indirectly remunerated by the client on a fixed fee basis, even if they are not needed. Studies and databases could be the guiding map that points you in the right direction. What worked for other companies might also work for you. So, it’s a good idea to have detailed studies and databases handy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing consultants, you should look beyond branding and advertising. Instead of going the usual route, which is engaging with a big consulting firm and working with consultants you haven’t met before, you could visit an online consulting platform, like Consultport, to select the best consultants. You’ll have the opportunity to go through the profiles of dozens of candidates, interview them, assess their skills and compatibility, and then hire them.

By doing this, you also get a broader perspective on your business problems and a huge network of individuals who can potentially solve them. Rest assured, qualified freelance consultants are as good as the ones who work for top firms. If you’re still not sure, you should read about the experience of other businesses who engaged with Consultport to hire freelance consultants at